Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures

"A walk through Old Testament prophecy regarding the coming of the Messiah of Israel. This series of messages takes us back 4,000 years to trace how thoroughly every aspect of Jesus's birth, life, and death were prophesied in hundreds of passages in the Old Testament. Many Christians today do not begin to understand how critical knowing the Old Testament is to their faith. Jesus did not replace the Hebrew Scriptures, He fulfilled them! He is indeed "the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world."
Sermon Series

(Iglesia Alianza Con Dios, Friday, 7/29/2016):
(50 min. 41 seg)

Integrity is especially important in a marriage, because God takes two lives and makes them one, “until death do us part.” In a godly marriage, both people need to know the Lord, need to fully surrender their lives to God, and need to love and serve one anothers as co-heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven.