Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures

"A walk through Old Testament prophecy regarding the coming of the Messiah of Israel. This series of messages takes us back 4,000 years to trace how thoroughly every aspect of Jesus's birth, life, and death were prophesied in hundreds of passages in the Old Testament. Many Christians today do not begin to understand how critical knowing the Old Testament is to their faith. Jesus did not replace the Hebrew Scriptures, He fulfilled them! He is indeed "the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world."
Sermon Series

A message given at Manhattan Grace Tabernacle’s evangelistic outreach, January 25, 2002.
(48 min 50 sec, including the invitation and closing prayer)

“…Despite what some claim, vanity and prejudice aren’t just imposed on us by society. They are part of the human condition! The Bible reveals that men and women are fallen creatures. We were made in the image of God but, having turned away from God, we are constantly trying to remake ourselves in some other image. It is not enough to be who we really are because, in moments of honesty, we know we are not what we ought to be! In the words of Jeremiah 49:23, we ‘are disheartened, troubled like the restless sea.’ I know I was—until I met Jesus!”