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A Message for Colombia and Israel. The Lord is High Above All the Powers of this World!

Sennacherib with the army of Assyria

Living in Evil Days

There are times in our lives when God pulls back the clouds and gives us a vision of what He is doing in the earth. He also gives us a vision of what the enemy is doing. All of us would like to live in times of peace. I don’t know if at any point in history people have talked more about peace than they do now, but the Bible warns us that we are not living in days of peace. We are living in times when evil wants to march. There are people in this earth with demonic power behind them whose desire is destruction. They want power, they want control, they want to rule the earth, and behind them are evil spirits. But it is not just a matter of the devil marching because he wants to march—he knows that God is doing a work in this generation. And the devil wants to cut off that work, if he could. The need for us as believers is to get a clear vision of what God is doing in our day. In times of peace, it feels like you can live your life in any old way. But in times of war, we must live near to the Lord.

Young people, the Lord is searching for those in our generation who will have a heart for Him—not for those who are looking to find heaven on earth, but for those who will desire to see Heaven’s power come upon the earth. This world is not our paradise, but our desire is to see God’s power manifested in our generation. Yet in order for us to see that power, God is looking for vessels, young and old, who are yielded to Him.

In times of great conflict, it is not human might; it is not human armies, but the power of the Spirit of God that is the greatest force of all. And God desires to manifest His power in weak human beings like you and like me. But that requires certain things to be realities in our lives. Will we love the Lord more than all other things? Will we run after Him and seek Him first? Will we place in His hands our hopes and our dreams, and then leave them there so that we can run after the dreams and desires of God? Will we let go of the things that will pass away—in order to take hold of those things that will never pass away? God is not looking for many, but He is looking for those whose heart is perfect toward Him.