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Times of Difficulty in Our Days

In the 1930’s, the Nazis said that they would destroy the Jews, but people wouldn’t believe them. I was reading yesterday the words of a Jew from that time who wrote, “Oh, those Nazis are fools! They will never be able to do what they want to do. There are so many good people in Germany. They will never be able to do what they plan.” But another Jew wrote that the good Germans like him, did nothing, so the evil Germans prevailed. There are many peace-loving Muslims, but evil is running through the Muslim world desiring the destruction of Israel and of the plan of God. Ahmadinejad doesn’t understand that he is fighting against God Himself, but the devil does. God is on the throne, and we need to pray for Iran. We do not pray against men, but we pray against powers and principalities so that men can be saved.

“Lord, enough! Let not evil prevail! Let not evil come before its time!” Why? Because, like the Nazis, that evil literally desires the destruction of millions of lives. Make no mistake! The devil is a liar from the beginning. He is looking for those who will do his will, and he has such people. But will God have those who will do His will, who will let go of lesser things to stand on the battle line? Like Hezekiah, no matter how weak you feel, no matter how large those armies gathered against you are, our God is greater than any mouth that is opened to curse His Name. Our God is greater than any plan of the devil. But will the saints of God believe it? Will we stand on the battle line and say “No!” to the devil?

Hugo Chavez of Venezuela

Ahmadinejad seems far away to some of you, but Hugo Chavez should feel very close. He is a man filled with hatred, filled with darkness. He is changing the currency of Venezuela—no more bolivars with the faces of famous figures in Venezuelan history on the bills. We were told in September that he wants to dedicate all the currency of Venezuela to three “gods” of spiritism and witchcraft, and he is putting their images on these bills. Make no mistake, this is not politics! This is not just the work of a man. When Mrs. Lowe and the evangelist Eugenio Jimenez did the massive evangelistic campaign in Caracas, Venezuela in 1961, the Lord gave Mrs. Lowe a vision. We have a map of Colombia here, but look sometime later at a map of Venezuela. The country has the shape of a bat with its wings spread out, and the Lord gave Mrs. Lowe a vision of a bat with its wings spread, covering Venezuela with darkness—sucking the life out of the people. The devil comes for nothing but to kill, to steal, and to destroy.

Behind Chavez is an evil that desires death, death for Venezuelans, death for Colombians. Last September, we were at a military base in Sogamoso, watching young men graduate and join the Colombian army. For me it made the threat against Colombia more real. The devil wants to march young men and women to death. I was praying there in that military base, and others were as well: “Lord, the devil wants war, but don’t let it be. Don’t let it come about. The devil proposes death, but Lord destroy the works of the enemy! Destroy that voice that boasts great things against You and against Colombia!” I am not speaking about the man, Chavez, but about the demons behind the man. He has yielded himself to darkness that he does not even understand. He does not know what he is doing, and that means we can pray for him: “Lord, have mercy on Hugo Chavez. He does not know what he is doing. Lord, have mercy on Ahmadinejad. He does not know what he is doing. Lord, have mercy on Fidel Castro there on his deathbed. He doesn’t understand who he has boasted against. Lord, not the enemy’s will, but your will be done!”

Armies stand ready to march with demons behind them, and the demons know who is the threat against their plans. The devil knows that there are two groups that stand in his way. The Jews, whether they know the Lord or not, are the Lord’s inheritance—as are as the Gentiles who believe in Jesus. Will we stand for the Lord in our generation? Will we open our eyes to see the battle that is going on in our time? Chavez is one more manifestation of that same demonic bat over Venezuela that appeared in Mrs. Lowe’s vision.