We had a wonderful time at Alianza Cristiana last night. I spoke on the theme "The Character of a Disciple of Christ" and the message was well received. People were very responsive during the message, and many were quite broken during both invitations. There were seven people who prayed to receive the Lord, and then every person in the place responded quickly to the second invitation to surrender their all to Chris and become disciples of the Lord and not just believers.

In one of those wonderful "coincidences" we often see in times of ministry like this, there were two men in the audience from Paipa, Colombia. After the meeting, one of them came up to me and asked if I had ever preached in his city. When I told him that we in fact had preached in several locations in Paipa several years ago, he responded that he thought he had recognized us, that he was present when I spoke at the Paipa Assembly of God back in July 2008. The other gentleman from Paipa said the same, even remembering what happened in that meeting with an elderly farmer who received the Lord. Afterwards, the pastor of Alianza told us that these two men had been friends of his whom he had last seen thirty-five years earlier, at which time he was a believer and they were not. Then, the day before last night's meeting, he "accidentally" ran into them on the street in Bogotá, found out that they had since come to Christ, so he invited them to last night's gathering--where they met us again eight years after our time in Paipa. Only the Lord can weave a tapestry like that!