We had a smaller crowd Thursday night, but it was still a blessed time. My Colombian translator got deeply into the message, studying it intensely before the meeting began and asking me questions about it so he could understand what I was saying. He also told me that his two teenage sons wanted to be there because they love to hear me speak, and they were in fact an eager presence in the room. It is always a blessing to have young people present who are desiring to find their way in Christ! My sons Jacob and Joseph were there as well.

I spoke on the theme “Developing Your Call with Integrity in Christ,” speaking about the increasing want of integrity in our world as it races toward judgment. If we who love and serve Jesus do not walk in integrity and honesty, who will? No lie, no dishonesty will ever enter the Kingdom of Heaven, as the Scriptures make abundantly clear. Afterwards, I was quite moved to see the Calvin & Hobbes quote that was posted on Facebook when I got home that night: "In the real world, people care about success, not principles. ...Then again, maybe that's why the world is in such a mess." — Calvin. That is why the Lord is so concerned first of all about who we are since, when we are right with Him, the works will follow!

On Friday night, we had a dinner meeting with couples, and I ended up sitting across from the man who was painting the church and doing repairs as he had come together with his wife. Then, the pastor explained to me that this man had received Christ at the invitation on Thursday night, something which was quite a surprise at least to me! I had seen him with both hands raised at the invitation on Thursday night, so I thought he was just worshipping the Lord but, no, he was actually coming to faith for the first time. God is good!

After the couples’ dinner, I spoke on developing your call in Christ as couples. It was a blessed evening and there were many good conversations and even times of prayer afterwards. The message was broadcast over the internet and there were many positive comments on Facebook afterwards.

Today from 3 to 7 PM, we will have a meeting with the young people from several churches. Please pray for this important time!

Blessings in Jesus,