The two meetings this weekend were the best yet by far! Our time with the youth on Saturday at Alianza con Dios was very special. The church was largely full with young people from several different churches. The worship was definitely high energy, and the young people were attentive and responsive as I spoke about God’s high calling on their lives. The passages focused on were Romans 12:1-2, 2 Corinthians 5:17, and Psalm 139. There were about eight young people who responded to the call to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and nearly everyone in the house responded quickly to the second invitation to surrender their lives to the Lord and to seek His will for their lives. The youth pastor spoke, an excellent singer from the Dominican Republic sang afterwards, and then the evening closed with a wonderful time of worship and dancing before the Lord with much rejoicing. Many young people came up to talk with all of us afterwards, wanting to know more about how they could serve the Lord, with specific questions about their current circumstances. We were not able to escape until quite late that evening, but it was a blessing to be with such eager young people!

On Sunday morning, the church was full, and I spoke on the theme “Proclaim Liberty!” I spoke about the three major Sabbaths described in Scripture: the Sabbath of the seventh day when the people were to rest, the Sabbath of the seventh year when the land was to rest, and the Sabbath of the fiftieth year which is the Jubilee, when all debts were to be forgiven and the Israelites were to be restored to their original inheritances. I spoke from Leviticus 25 about the Sabbath of the seventh year and the Jubilee, and then spoke on Isaiah 61:1-3, pointing out that the year of Jubilee was fulfilled in Christ. The Lord used the time powerfully with 10-12 coming forward to receive Christ, some with much brokenness, and nearly the entire church responding to the second invitation. We then sang “Sana Nuestra Tierra” with everyone joining in, calling out to God for healing and repentance for Colombia.

We continued in conversation with many people afterwards, and then had dinner with the pastor and his family. As the pastor’s wife said, the Holy Spirit was moving in the church powerfully that morning, and we were all very grateful to have been part of such a blessed time.

Below is our schedule for this coming week, a schedule which has grown since last I wrote (Rompiendo Cadenas is a larger church which is well known for its work among addicts and other societal castoffs):

Tuesday 8/2: Iglesia Rompiendo Cadenas, Calle 3 con Cra. 17 (Center of Bogotá), 6 pm
Wednesday 8/3: 6 PM, Iglesia Cristiana del Norte, Chía
Thursday 8/4 AM: 8 AM, Breakfast with pastors in the south of Bogotá
Thursday 8/4: 2 PM, Open-air preaching with residents of the “Bronx,” an infamous part of Bogotá with Rompiendo Cadenas, 2 pm
Thursday 8/4: 7 PM, Iglesia Rompiendo Cadenas
Friday 8/5: 6 PM, Iglesia Visión Colombia Chía
Saturday 8/6: 9 AM, Congregación Mesiánica (Pastor Aarón Ladino, south of Bogotá)
Sunday 8/7: 9 AM, Iglesia Rompiendo Cadenas (central Bogotá)

Your continued prayers are much appreciated!